Sports Training

sports training


Why are you not getting RESULTS?

The answer is simple….It’s the way YOU MOVE!

EVERYONE, on the planet, including you, has some movement dysfunction.  When this movement dysfunction is not corrected you will certainly have  a lack of performance and the real possibility of being injured.  Training is supposed to increase performance and limit injury!  If you train with this movement dysfunction, all you are doing is “perfecting” the poor movement and stopping your results.

So Why GAME 7?

GAME 7 SPORTS TRAINING is the only program of its kind that addresses these poor movement qualities.  GAME 7 delivers better results to improve your health, physical performance , and sports competition. Results are delivered because for the first time ever GAME 7 has quantified correct human motion in a test called G.A.M.E. (Graded Active Movement Exam).  An exam developed  by Dr. Kevin J. McGovern, PT, CSCS that was 10 years in the making.  GAME will identify your areas of movement dysfunction or injury now; and be able to scientifically predict what injury may occur in the future is that motion is not corrected.

The GAME results  is the data for which all of the fitness programs are created and individualized for you.

–  “If you fix the person’s movement  dysfunction, you will fix the only thing holding back their health and human performance”  -Dr. Kevin J McGoverm, PT, CSCS

Who is GAME 7 for?

GAME 7 SPORTS TRAINING is designed for ALL fitness levels, ages, and performance levels.  The Average Joe to the Olympic Athlete.  However, it is not for everyone.  It is  only for the person who want to truly improve their health and performance. The person who is dedicated and understands the value of being healthy and or out distancing their peers in any performance area.

 What is GAME 7 ‘s  Mission?

Game 7 Sports Training is a philosophy of fitness training that believes that the human body is always in some state of dysfunction or injury due to the repetitive stress of poor basic movement patterns. Through movement testing and fitness training, Game 7 perfects one’s movements to first improve their health and well-being and then apply these improvements to raise work productivity, improve sports performance, and/or increase one’s quality of life.

How Do I Get Started?

Unlike other most of our competitors we guarantee our results.  That’s right RESULTS are GUARANTEED.  In order to be able to meet this goal, we have to have people who are committed and actually want to improve their health and performance.  We have an application process that ensure we have clients that will reach their goals every time, all of the time.

If you are interested in becoming a client of GAME 7, simply call the office at 617-600-4011 or email Dr. McGovern directly at to apply for the best results of your life!